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Historic Home and Building Cleaning

Your home or property was not built to withstand the forces of high-pressure water ranging from 1,500 ~ 4,000 psi being spayed towards it at point blank range. This is especially important when it comes to assaulting an irreplaceable historic home or building with typical pressure washing techniques. Most historic homes have painted clapboard siding that when washed with high pressure, can damage the paint, damage the siding itself, or water can be sprayed under the laps causing moisture damage inside the home's walls. Also, a lot of historic homes are built with ornate, one of a kind moldings and trim that give them their character and charm. While their grace and architectural beauty cannot be overstated, the technology of the day fell a little [...]

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So What’s Eating Your Roof

Did you know your roof is not dirty at all, it’s infested. Infested by tiny micro organisms that are dining on your roof like an all you can eat buffet. These algae, molds, mildews and bacteria are actually decomposing the surfaces they are growing on. Nature uses these tiny micro organisms to break down larger objects into smaller items eventually becoming part of the soil. This is called decomposition. Your roof and other surfaces around your property are being attacked and decomposed right before your very eyes. In the past pressure washers were used to clean algae and mildew away from these surfaces. This is actually the absolute wrong thing to do. Water under pressure created the Grand Canyon by a process called erosion. Using [...]

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