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Clearview Washing provides a variety of exterior cleaning services. We have now added drone cleaning to that list! As part of our mid to high rise building washing, we offer drone cleaning for buildings up to 10 stories, and soon up to 25. For many jobs, we use a lift to clean tall buildings. But there are certain situations where using a lift is impossible, or where access from the roof is difficult.

commercial-drone-cleaning-NJWe don’t think these challenges should be a barrier to getting your exteriors sparkling clean. That’s why we have integrated the C1 Cleaning drone into our fleet, featuring powerful hardware, an AI engine, and 3D operation planning. We are trained in the use of these drones to provide the same level of efficiency you have come to expect from our traditional washing services. In addition, all pilots are required to have their FAA Part 107 Drone Operating License.

Revolutionizing Cleaning!

There are many benefits to drone cleaning, such as:

  • The level of risk for employees is lowered because there is no need to use a lift or access the roof at tall heights.
  • Drones can be programmed to provide the most thorough wash possible.
  • They can clean hard-to-reach areas.
  • They use special chemicals and low pressure to avoid damage.
  • Drones can complete jobs three to five times faster than traditional methods.
  • Drones can be used on any type of building. Clearview Washing will obtain flight clearance.
  • Drones are ideal for any hard to access/clean properties and buildings.

What is Drone Soft Washing?

Drone soft washing is a type of cleaning process that utilizes drones to clean surfaces such as roofs, building exteriors, and other hard-to-reach areas. The drones are equipped with special nozzles that can spray a soft washing solution onto the surface to be cleaned, effectively removing dirt, grime, and other debris without causing damage to the surface.

Soft washing is a cleaning technique that uses low pressure and specialized cleaning solutions to remove dirt and grime from surfaces. It is commonly used on delicate surfaces such as roofs and siding to avoid damage that high-pressure washing can cause. By utilizing drones, soft washing can be applied to areas that are difficult to reach, saving time and labor costs.

Drone soft washing is becoming increasingly popular due to its efficiency and effectiveness in cleaning hard-to-reach areas. It is also considered a safer alternative to traditional cleaning methods, as it eliminates the need for workers to climb ladders or work on elevated surfaces. Overall, drone soft washing is a promising technology that is revolutionizing the cleaning industry.

Let Clearview elevate your cleaning solutions with drone technologies! 

Here at Clearview Washing, we understand that the appearance of your building can greatly impact your business reputation. Dirty windows are seen by everyone – staff, visitors, clients and customers. Your siding is also vulnerable to streaking, which can also detract from your image. Our high-quality and thorough window cleaning and exterior cleaning services help you reflect the best possible impression for your facility and your guests.

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Our gentle soft roof cleaning gets rid of dirty roof stains. It is a low-pressure sanitizing detergent cleaning process that is safe and effective. Enhancing curb appeal and extending the life of your roof

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