Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning_fullSolar Panels must be clean and free of debris so that they can produce an much energy as possible. We have the required skills, tools and equipment needed to keep your panels spotless. Don’t risk climbing up on your roof to clean panels. Let our experts do it for you.

Manufacturers require cleaning and maintenance …

Cleaning of your system can really save you money. With power loss up to 40% on a dirty panel, it doesn’t make sense to not to have your panels cleaned to solar-panel-cleaningkeep peak performance. Manufacturers require cleaning and maintenance of your system in order to warrant non-failure. People are often misinformed and think the rain will clean their panels. With a dirty solar panel, the rain will make your dusty panels muddy, collecting more debris and more build up. People also think that the rain will ruin your clean panels after a cleaning, the rain will not do any damage, as there will be no dirt to affect.


We work with the area’s leading solar panel installers, Trinity Solar.