Removing Rust and Iron Stains From Your Home or Commercial Property

Rust Stain Removal: If you have rust or iron stains on your home or commercial building, you may wonder if those stains will ever be able to come off. The answer is yes, they can – if you enlist the help of a professional pressure washer. Whether on your patio, your commercial building, on the sidewalk or on metal surfaces, you already know that getting rid of rust is not easy. It’s unsightly, to be sure, but it’s also hazardous and difficult to remove. Rust is a corrosive material that will eat away at your surfaces, which is why you shouldn’t let rust sit for too long. For homeowners, the prevalence of rust stains on your property will depend heavily on two things: the [...]

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Challenges of Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning: If you have solar panels on your commercial building, you likely already know the many benefits associated with them. But do you know how to properly clean them? First off, this job should be left to professionals, due to the delicate nature of the panels and the expertise needed to properly wash them.  Regular solar panel cleaning is necessary in order to ensure peak performance. Everything from dirt and debris to sap and bird droppings can block your panels from fully receiving the sun’s UV rays, which leads to a reduction in how much energy your solar system can produce. Regular cleaning by experts is a cost-effective, fast and efficient way to restore optimal performance of your solar panels.  But [...]

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Power Washing and Pressure Washing: What’s the Difference?

Power Washing NJ: They sound the same, but actually have a few subtle differences.   Both power washing and pressure washing are ideal for homes. You can achieve similar results no matter which method you use. But the main difference lies in the water temperature. While power washing uses hot water to clean a surface, pressure washing uses a normal water temperature in conjunction with high-pressure equipment to remove grime, dirt and algae. Power Washing: Key Characteristics With power washing, normal pressure is used but the water is very hot. This can be used to: Clean vinyl, aluminum or wood siding Remove mildew and mold Kill weeds or algae Clean gutters Brighten up driveways and walkways Remove gum from sidewalks Refresh decks and patios [...]

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Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning: Dirty Panels Reduce Energy Production

Solar Panel Cleaning: Many established commercial businesses are fairly good about power washing their exteriors such as roofing and siding, and washing their windows regularly. However, many of them neglect to clean their solar panels. Perhaps you think they’re too delicate to be washed, or maybe you just don’t think about it at all.  Whatever the case, it’s important to softwash your solar panels in order to protect your investment. It just makes financial sense. Did you know dirty solar panels cut down on their energy production and efficiency? In fact, when you clean your panels, you boost your power output and solar system efficiency by as much as 20 percent in heavy soil areas such as air traffic paths and farms.  This doesn’t [...]

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Little Silver Neighbors Article

Little Silver Entrepreneurs: The Hodge Family They may be new to Little Silver, but Fred and Christine Hodge, both 36, have already made their mark in the short time they have been here. Before they met, Fred lived in downtown Red Bank and Christine lived in Plainsboro. One night, Christine was out with her friends in Red Bank and that was when she met Fred. They hit it off right away and immediately went on a first date the day after. “After that first official date,” Christine says. “it was almost every day moving forward … it was as if we had known each other for years. We have always said since we met that we are always on the ‘same page.’ That’s like [...]

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Power Washing is a Great Way to Remove Mold on Commercial Buildings

Commercial Power Washing: Whether your home’s roof is streaked with black or your commercial building has dirty siding, you can benefit from power washing services. When done by a professional, power washing can remove all that ground-in and deep set dirt that can eat away at your exteriors if you don’t clean it off regularly.Of particular concern is mold. Mold is like a cancer for your exteriors and should be removed as soon as you notice buildup. It may look fuzzy or slimy, and it may have a black, dark green or even bright red appearance. It can cause structural damage if left to grow untreated. Mold is also known to cause health issues in humans, including respiratory issues and allergic reactions.  Dirt Buildup [...]

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APP Article – Contractor’s lousy service led entrepreneur to start Clearview Washing

Read the original APP article Growing up in Freehold, Fred Hodge Jr. knew he was destined to be an entrepreneur. It was just a matter of finding his niche.  “Entrepreneurship ran in our family, and I always knew I wanted to own my own business,” shared Hodge, 35, now a resident of Little Silver and president and founder of Clearview Washing in Howell. Studying entrepreneurship at Rowan University helped him focus his interests, but even he couldn’t have imagined the twist of fate that would set him on his professional path when he was just 19 years old. “It all started in 2004, when the contractor who was supposed to come and clean the windows at my parents’ house for $350 never showed up,” Hodge recalled. “My [...]

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Top 6 Tips for Power Washing Vinyl Siding

Power Washing Vinyl Siding: If you have been noticing streaks, mildew, stains and dirt building up on your vinyl siding, it’s time for a thorough cleaning. The best way to achieve that is with power washing. However, you have to prepare and do your homework on technique. You can’t just go guns blazing at the side of your house or you could do some serious damage. Here are six tips for power washing your vinyl siding, so you can save your energy, stay safe and finish in half the time. Of course, we always recommend you hire a professional to do this, for the best results. 1.      Use Pressure Washer Detergent Soap and water is always better than just using water. But even better than [...]

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How Power Washing Can Cause Damage to Your Home

Soft Washing: You want to get your home’s exterior clean again, but you don’t want to damage your siding or surrounding landscape. Now what? Well, you can ensure you hire professionals who specialize in soft washing, which is a gentler approach to power washing that doesn’t risk damage while getting your exteriors cleaned.  Let’s go over some ways in which traditional power washing can damage your home, and why it should be handled by a professional who can do it the right way.    Power washing can…   1.      Allow Water to Get Into Your House or Attic The exterior of your home isn’t made to withstand the type of pressure that comes with a high-powered pressure washer. When you use a powerful pressure [...]

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Why it’s Important to Have a Gutter Maintenance Plan

Gutter cleaning maintenance plans are imperative for many reasons – not the least of which is peace of mind. When you let professionals handle this task throughout the year, you can concentrate on more important things, plus you will never miss a cleaning that could come back to haunt you later.  Here are some reasons why it’s so important to have a gutter maintenance plan in place. 1.   Regular Gutter Cleaning Prevents Water DamageWater damage is a leading cause of structural damage. Gutters are designed to divert water off the roof and away from the foundation. When a gutter is clogged, it can’t perform this critical function, flooding your foundation and compromising the integrity of your home. Blocked gutters also cause roof leaks that damage your walls, ceilings, [...]

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