Why Clean Your Roof?

From increased energy efficiency to aesthetics, there are many reasons why you should have your roof regularly cleaned.


The dark algae infestation on your roof absorbs more heat from the sunlight and traps it in your attic. This heat is radiated into your air conditioning ducts, making your A/C work harder and less efficient. That costs you more money in the long run. Having your roof cleaned safely will allow your roof to do what it was designed to do and reflect more of the sunlight. This will help you lower your energy bill and increase your A/C’s efficiency.


An average shingle roof is designed to last 30 years. Unfortunately, most people only get half that because they are unaware of the maintenance required to see its full lifespan. Having your roof cleaned periodically can maximize the intended service life.


Did you know that some insurance companies are threatening cancellation or non-renewals over dirty roofs? They send letters stating you have 60 days to correct the problem or your policy will be canceled or not renewed. This is becoming the insurance industry standard. Your insurance company can visually examine your home at any time with a drive-by inspection on any given day. They look at the condition of the roof shingles and siding, on the hunt for roof stains caused by algae, mold, and mildew. The most frequent triggers include:

  • When getting a new policy
  • During an annual policy renewal
  • Change in coverage amounts
  • When taking out a home equity line of credit

Here at Clearview Washing, we clean roofs and siding regularly, as customers find themselves in need of a fast and effective solution to the problem.


Many HOAs / POAs require periodic roof cleanings. If not done within the given time frame, they will choose a contractor to provide service and bill you for it. How will this contractor treat your property? Will they walk all over your roof and cause damage? Will they use a pressure washer? Can you trust the people they send to your home?

Don’t get stuck with a contractor YOU didn’t choose!


Nothing beats the look of a professionally maintained home and nothing keeps that fresh look longer than a professionally soft washed home. Soft washing safely and effectively removes unwanted dirt, grime and algae growth, leaving you with a home that looks new again. Whether you are in need of routine maintenance, you want to brighten up a fixer-upper, or you’re putting your home on the market, we have just the services you need!

Does My Roof Need To Be Cleaned? How To Tell

Many people do not realize how infested their roof really is because the spores gradually take it over, causing the color to change uniformly. A good way to check is by looking at the vents and pipes on your roof. Most of them are galvanized, which means they were created using electrolysis. This in turn coats them with a thin layer of zinc. The zinc oxide acts as a mold and mildew inhibiter. Therefore, when you look at the vents and pipes on your roof, you’ll find the original color of your roof!

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Our gentle soft roof cleaning gets rid of dirty roof stains. It is a low-pressure sanitizing detergent cleaning process that is safe and effective. Enhancing curb appeal and extending the life of your roof

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