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House Washing: Spring Cleaning is Also For Your Home’s Exterior

House Washing NJ: When you think of spring cleaning, you likely think of a deep clean of the inside of your house. But don’t forget the outside! Your exteriors need to be cleaned just as much as the interiors – if not more. So this spring, schedule exterior pressure washing and related services for your home’s exterior. You’ll improve the curb appeal of your property after a long cold winter, plus you’ll be ensuring the health of your exteriors as well. Make a List You can’t do all your spring cleaning at once. There’s just too much to do. That’s why you need to come up with a list, in order of priority. To do this, determine what the most noticeable areas are, then [...]

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Apartment Complex Power Washing

Apartment Complex Power Washing - There are many benefits to living in a gated community or apartment complex, from access to a community pool and fitness center to exterior maintenance that’s taken care of for you. As the property manager or owner of an apartment complex, you want your tenants to take advantage of all those benefits all year long. But if you have been neglecting your exteriors, you’re not putting your best face forward. To ensure you have the cleanest and safest exteriors possible, you need to hire a professional pressure washing company for regular service. A clean exterior attracts more tenants, but even more importantly, a well-maintained property keeps everyone safe so no unfortunate slips or falls happen on your watch. Common [...]

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Is It Safe to Pressure Wash House Siding?

Pressure Washing House Siding: Yes and no. Basically, it depends on who’s doing the job. If you’re a homeowner who likes to DIY stuff around the house, you could do some damage to your vinyl or wood siding. That’s because you’re likely unfamiliar with how much pressure to use or even how to angle the wand. On the other hand, if you hire a professional to do it, the chances of damage are slim to none. That’s why it’s important to hire a technician skilled in pressure washing house siding. Tips for Pressure Washing Your Siding If performed incorrectly, pressure washing can be bad news. But when done the proper way, it’s a highly effective way of cleaning a property. Check out these tips: [...]

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Pressure Washing & Soft Washing: What’s the Difference?

Pressure Washing & Soft Washing: You likely have heard the terms pressure washing and soft washing before, and you may assume that they are basically the same thing. But they do have some key differences which we will discuss here. If your home’s exterior has been looking dull and dirty, it’s time to get your home pressure washed or soft washed to restore its luster, protect your materials, and remove mold, mildew, fungus, dirt and grime. But the method that is used will depend on the surfaces being washed. If you’re not sure, your pressure washing technician can advise you. Here at Clearview Washing, we offer both pressure washing and soft washing, and can let you know which method is best for which surface. [...]

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Soft Washing Drones Safely Clean High Buildings Without Touching the Surface

Soft Washing Drones NJ: There are many challenges associated with traditional building cleaning methods. Technicians must use lifts and harnesses or access certain areas from the roof – both of which are incredibly risky to the technicians. And because they have to perch on the side of buildings and use supplies to clean and sometimes hand wash the exterior, there is always a chance that damage will occur. But with drones, all of those concerns don’t apply. Soft washing drones use a low pressure and special chemicals to safely clean tall buildings without having to touch the surface. They’re programmed and manned by one technician who controls the drone, directing it where to go. This eliminates the need for large teams of techs to [...]

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The Use of Drones for Cleaning Hard-to-Access Areas

Soft Washing Drones NJ: There’s an inherent danger involved in cleaning high rise buildings. You’ve probably seen window cleaners on scaffolding or lifts cleaning windows and siding, perched high above the city streets. This is dangerous for many reasons, as there is an increased risk of falls. To mitigate that risk, drones have become more and more popular for use in cleaning tall buildings and hard-to-reach areas. This is a much safer, easier way to clean tall structures. Plus, it saves time, as drones can clean a building three to five times faster than a person. The safety and time benefits alone are well worth the investment in this technology. Where Can They Be Used? Drones can clean any building type, from church steeples [...]

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Pressure Washing Tips Professionals Want You to Know

There are many responsibilities when it comes to owning a home, and the last thing you want on your plate is the exterior of your home looking dingy. The reality is that anything you have outside will look weathered over time, but getting them back to shape is easier than you think. We gathered pressure washing professionals to share their tips on the best techniques, advice and what to avoid when pressure washing your fences, roofs and whatever you want looking new again. So whether you are washing your driveway in Toronto, CA, or washing your exterior brick in Phoenix, AZ, they’ve got you covered. Where to start If instant gratification is your thing, pressure washing your home will clean and beautify your home [...]

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Shrink Wrapping: Why You Hire a Professional

Shrink Wrapping NJ: If you have decided to prep your outdoor furniture and other items for shrink wrapping this fall, you may wonder: should you do it yourself or hire a professional? Due to the high heat and precision involved, the answer is always: hire a professional. They’re trained professionals who know what they’re doing and will do a comprehensive, safe, and efficient job. It’s not something you can get good at it just by watching a YouTube video. Let the experts handle it and sit back and relax. Here we will compare DIY shrink wrap and professional shrink wrap when it comes to cost and quality; then, you can decide for yourself which one is best for you. Is it Worth it to [...]

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How Often Should I Clean the Gutters? Get a Maintenance Plan

How Often Should I Clean the Gutters? Get a Maintenance Plan - Gutter maintenance is a task that is easily overlooked by many homeowners. However, ensuring your gutter is clean is crucial for a safe, long-lasting home. If you fail to give your gutters regular TLC, this can lead to expensive hassles at high prices. New Jersey gets a decent amount of rainfall through the year. All that moisture, as well as freezing temps in winter, can result in overflow or leaks if a gutter gets clogged. Gutter neglect can lead to roof and siding damage as well as damage to your foundation and surrounding vegetation. When to Clean the Gutters We recommend having your gutters inspected and cleaned at least one to two [...]

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Top 7 Chandelier Cleaning Tips

Chandelier Cleaning Tips NJ: If you have a chandelier in your home or business, if it likely a source of great pride for you, providing the centerpiece for a grand room, staircase or foyer. However, all that brilliance and bright light can be dimmed when the chandelier is dirty and dusty. It’s time for chandelier cleaning! Typical chandeliers should be cleaned at least once a year, or whenever they are looking dull. While it’s important to hire a professional for this delicate task, we thought it would be helpful to outline the top seven chandelier cleaning tips. 1.   Make a Plan Before you tackle any cleaning, it’s important to come up with a plan. That’s because most chandeliers feature complex hanging patterns for their [...]

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