Should You Power Wash a Brick House? – The answer is yes, but it should be done by a professional to ensure the safest process. There are many factors to consider when power washing a brick exterior. Keep in mind, brick is the strongest material for a home, but it’s surprisingly delicate when it comes to safely washing it.

That’s because brick is porous, like concrete, introducing the risk of retaining water. But because of the vertical surface, less of it is exposed to the elements than, say, a patio or driveway. Here are some dos and don’ts for pressure washing a brick house.

Things to Avoid

The first thing to avoid is using high pressure. Pressure washing a brick house with pressure that’s too high can chip or recede any distressed brick. It’s tough to know at first, as removing the first layer of the brick could look like you made it clean when in fact, it signals damage.

You’ll also want to avoid acid washing or the use of acidic cleansers such as ammonia. Acidic cleansers such as muriatic acid tend to eat away at the surface, chipping away at the mortar.

Soft Washing is a Better Option

It’s much better to use a soft wash method. This process uses biodegradable cleansers that get rid of surface contaminants without high pressure that can cause damage. Then, it’s followed by a low-pressure rinse that washes away the contaminants. Still, you should only hire a licensed and insured pressure washing company for this job.

How Clearview Can Help

The team at Clearview uses gentle, eco-friendly solutions on your most delicate surfaces, such as brick. Trust us to bring the right equipment, with knowledge of the perfect amount of pressure, to safely get your brick home clean. For a free quote, call us now at 732-462-1187.