Roof Cleaning for Property Managers, Adult Communities, and HOAs – Soft roof cleaning is the way to go these days. It used to be that traditional power washing was the go-to approach. Now we know that that approach is far too harsh for exteriors. High-power pressure washing can lead to water within your walls, mortar that can be blasted away, gouged wood, and even safety hazards where paint chips are left around the property.

If you are a property manager or owner of an adult community or HOA, this is an important consideration when hiring someone to clean your exteriors. High pressure can be as much as 2000-3000 psi while low pressure is between 1250-2000 psi. Low-pressure cleaning is best for roofs, and this is why it’s called soft wash cleaning.

With the soft wash approach, only a battery-powered sprayer at half the pressure of a garden hose is used. Amazingly, the results last four times longer than traditional high-pressure washing. In addition, your shingles won’t come loose, you won’t experience pitting in your siding, and your surrounding landscaping will be preserved. A biodegradable cleaning solution is used so as not to kill your flowers and shrubs, or bleach any of your surroundings. Harsh chemicals can be lethal to plants, not to mention humans and pets.

As a property manager or owner of an adult community or HOA, you are understandably concerned about how the surrounding property looks. While you can afford basic maintenance every year, you probably can’t afford to repair damage to all your units caused by a traditional power washer. Cut costs and related damage with soft wash roof cleaning.

There are many benefits to cleaning the roofs of your properties:

  • Get rid of moss and algae – those black stains on your roof – that can eat away at your roofing materials over time.
  • Increase your curb appeal. Black streaks on a roof simply don’t look good to the other members of your units. Plus, there may be rules about this that you can enforce in the case of an HOA.
  • Keep other repairs at bay and preserve the life of your roofs.
  • Keep buyer and renter interest high.
  • You can also clean other areas as well such as walkways, driveways, fences, and siding.

As you know, the key to being successful in your line of work is to keep up a property that looks great and is safe for everyone. That involves a regular investment of your time and money to ensure your homes and apartment units retain their value. Taking pride in your commercial and residential properties begins and ends with property maintenance – more specifically, roof cleaning. Grimy roofs and other surfaces can cause an eyesore that can detract not only from your curb appeal but the actual property value as well.

As a property manager, you’re busy and don’t have the time or the equipment for such tasks. Even your regular maintenance crew may not be equipped with the tools to get the job done right. That’s why you need a trained professional to handle your soft wash roof cleaning in New Jersey. Annual power washing will ensure a clean, beautiful place for your residents to live. Call Clearview Washing today at 732-462-1187 to book your spring appointment with our licensed and insured professionals.