Chandelier Cleaning: Leave it to the Professionals – There are some things best left to professionals. That is never truer than with chandelier cleaning. Not only are chandeliers highly expensive, they are also highly breakable which requires a steady and polished hand. For that, you need to turn to someone skilled in interior cleaning.


Chandeliers are gorgeous lighting fixtures found in larger homes and mansions, business offices, malls, hotels, museums, and more. Giving off a warm glow of opulence, beauty, and grace, chandeliers are desired for their appearance, their ability to give off a lot of light, and for what they represent: wealth and high standards. They serve as focal points for a whole room, and as such need to be treated with the care they deserve.

chandelier cleaning – For them to shine in their intended way and give off the impression of grandeur, they need to be kept clean of dust and dirt. Having a dirty chandelier is worse than not having one at all! This involves more than just dusting off the cobwebs occasionally. This entails a thorough, attentive job of cleaning, polishing, dusting and ensuring all the little components are working correctly. Heck, your professional chandelier cleaner can even replace broken light bulbs when necessary.

Safety and Cost

chandelier cleaning – Since chandeliers are usually hanging in cathedral ceilings, in entry ways, above staircases and in the centers of rooms, they are naturally hard to reach. If you attempt to clean them yourself, you’re putting your safety at risk – not to mention you could easily break something if you don’t have a trained hand. Just one small broken piece of crystal can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Thorough Job

Why hassle with the headache of trying to clean your own chandelier? How can you be sure you’ll do a good enough job? With a professional, you get the white glove treatment. Drop cloths are placed around the area, crystals are individually buffed with microfiber towels, and all surface areas, frames and arms are cleaned thoroughly – all done with the use of safe products that won’t cause corrosion.

It’s recommended that your chandeliers be cleaned at least once a year. This will not only ensure the beauty of your chandelier, but also its proper functioning.

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