What is the Cost of Roof Cleaning? – The maintenance of your roof goes beyond simple repairs when you spring a leak. It also involves cleaning your roof regularly to extend its life span and protect your biggest investment: your house. When you see those ugly dark streaks or algae stains, it’s already too late in many respects: mold, lichen, algae and moss are already attacking your roofing material. These elements tend to proliferate in shady, damp conditions, made easier by overhanging trees.

There are alternatives to fixing this other than replacing the roof to the tune of thousands of dollars. A thorough cleaning is usually all that is needed to get your roof looking its best again.

Roof Cleaning Ocean County

Check out some of the costs of roof cleaning and maintenance as compared with roof replacement.

Save $$$

As a homeowner, you want to save money where you can. Did you know that if you clean your roof regularly, you’ll save money on your energy bills? It’s true. Because algae buildup retains heat, you expend more air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter just to get comfortable inside your home. In addition to that, regular maintenance can ensure a longer life for your shingles, saving you thousands in roof replacement bills. You also increase your curb appeal and home value so you can fetch higher prices when you go to sell your home.

Factors that Determine Roof Cleaning Costs

There are certain factors that play into the final price tag for your roof cleaning company. Those are:

  • Size of the roof
  • How long it will take
  • The level of moss and algae buildup

Some roofs are more complicated than others to clean because they involve a lot of pitches, gables, flashing, accessories, and other complicated features that must be worked around. Ask your roof cleaning company what they use to wash your home. Most these days use a soft wash technique that won’t damage the surrounding environment, such as shingles, siding, and vegetation. 

Typical Costs

You won’t know the exact cost until your roof cleaning professional comes out to your property to give you an estimate. Most roofs can be done in about two to five hours depending on size and complexity. Costs can range from $250 to $1,000 for the average home, again depending on size and complexity. This is equal to about five percent of what it would cost if you were to replace the roof.

When hiring a roof cleaning company, be sure to ask if they are offering any seasonal discounts at the moment to save even more money.


You could attempt roof cleaning on your own, but you’ll probably end up spending more money in the long run. Think about the machine rental and chemicals you have to buy. Think about the whole day you’ll have to take off from work to get the job done, or set aside a whole weekend of your free time. Those hardware store rentals don’t do a thorough job, and you’ll likely just get the first layer of grime off, causing you to have to repeat the process the next season. As an inexperienced roof cleaner, you could end up doing serious damage to your shingles and siding, leading to high repair costs later. And, should you injure yourself or fall off a ladder, you could be facing big-time medical bills and time off work.

It’s much more cost effective and safe to hire a professional for the job. It’s done in a few hours and you’re all set for another year or two. Call Clearview Washing now to get our affordable rates and book an appointment.

Roof Cleaning Ocean County