Shrink Wrapping Outdoor FurnitureIt took a lot of money to turn your yard into a showpiece. Why detract from that curb appeal with ugly tarps that don’t ever seem to fit right? Why not shrink wrap your outdoor furniture and other large items instead? Shrink wrap is basically a plastic film that is applied to any object with heat, which conforms to the shape perfectly without damage.

Your objects are quickly protected from the cold, harsh effects of winter. Items that can be shrink wrapped include:

  • Outdoor furniture
  • Patio, pool furniture, and lawn furniture
  • Gazebos
  • Barbecue pits and grills
  • Outdoor bars
  • Pool kitchen islands
  • Swing sets
  • Pool houses
  • Hot tubs and above ground pools
  • Yard ornaments
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Boats and airplanes

Benefits to Shrink Wrapping

1.      Protection

One of the biggest benefits is protection. Once applied, heated, and sealed, shrink wrap will fully protect the items enclosed so that they are not destroyed or damaged by moisture, dirt, dust or UV rays.

2.      Corrosion Prevention

Shrink wrap will prevent chafing and corrosion, thanks to ventilation options that can reduce or eliminate mildew and moisture problems. This is especially important when there are electrical circuits involved.

3.      Durability

Our shrink wrap is made from durable and sturdy, new plastic material rather than used, recycled plastic. This makes it very difficult to puncture or tear, plus it won’t get weak or brittle when exposed to extreme cold or heat. It also won’t sag, droop, or loosen.

4.      Tamper-Proof Peace of Mind

Once the shrink wrap is applied, it holds its shape and creates a reliable seal. If it’s been tampered with, you’ll immediately notice. Get peace of mind knowing your items have been unscathed all season long.

5.      Affordability

When you think of the high cost of other packaging and storing solutions, shrink wrap is the most affordable option. No bulky boxes, ugly tarps or dangerous bungees! Plus, shrink wrap allows you to save space.

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