Home Owners Association Power WashingLiving in a gated community brings many benefits, such as security, shared amenities such as pools and club houses, exclusivity, and consistency of living spaces. But in order for your HOA to keep up with the highest of standards, it likely has a long list of requirements you have to follow in order to live there.

Perhaps you’ve received a letter from your HOA regarding the maintenance of your home by pressure washing the roof, driveway, siding, and more. These often start off with friendly reminders but they can quickly escalate to warnings and fees if you don’t comply. That’s because the HOA wants to ensure a uniform look to the entire property, and one dirty yard and home can detract from all the rest.

That’s where Clearview Washing comes in, pressure washing your exteriors and washing your windows to get them sparkling again.

Common services in regards to Multi-Unit – Home Owners Associations (HOA) include:

  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Power Washing
  • Pressure Washing
  • Soft Washing
  • Window Cleaning
  • Exterior Washing
  • Siding Cleaning
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Light Fixture Cleaning

You may be wondering: can your HOA force you to clean up your property? The answer is yes, they can. If you refuse to comply with their request, they are well within their rights to fine owners per bylaws. If you refuse repeated notices of fines, they can even force your home into foreclosure.

It’s also important for HOAs to keep common areas clean, such as courtyards, patios, pool areas, and tennis courts. This would generally fall under their responsibility. However, individual owners are responsible for maintaining their own building exteriors, including the house itself, garage, shed, deck, fence, patio, and driveway.

The most common HOA violations include dirty, streaked roofs and driveways. HOAs have good reason to want to keep their exteriors clean. Clean properties keep people safe while using the grounds and facilities, but they also attract new residents.

Regular cleaning such as pressure washing also keeps your exteriors healthy, as all that dirt and organic material can eat away at your roofing and siding. Preventive maintenance is key, which is why regular power washing, gutter cleaning, and window cleaning is a must.

To make the best impression, keep your tenants happy, reflect pride of ownership and ensure a long lifespan for your exteriors, it’s wise to hire us here at Clearview Washing.

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