Soft Washing Drones NJ: There’s an inherent danger involved in cleaning high rise buildings. You’ve probably seen window cleaners on scaffolding or lifts cleaning windows and siding, perched high above the city streets. This is dangerous for many reasons, as there is an increased risk of falls. To mitigate that risk, drones have become more and more popular for use in cleaning tall buildings and hard-to-reach areas.

This is a much safer, easier way to clean tall structures. Plus, it saves time, as drones can clean a building three to five times faster than a person. The safety and time benefits alone are well worth the investment in this technology.

Where Can They Be Used?

Drones can clean any building type, from church steeples and tall towers to the sides of bridges and monuments. They can be used anywhere that logistics deem it difficult or impossible to access a particular area.

What Can They Clean?

Drones can clean any type of material such as steel, brick, wood, or glass. They can be used on windows, roofs, gutters, wind turbines, solar panels, and solar farm mirrors. Basically, any surface a person can clean, a drone can clean too!

Cleaning drones typically feature low or high-pressure nozzles depending on the model, tethered to a water source on the ground. Many cleaning drones use a low water pressure and special chemicals to avoid damage to windows and paint.

What Are the Benefits Over Traditional Cleaning Methods?

Drones can replace the need for humans to perform tedious, dangerous cleaning jobs, while ensuring that windows, buildings and structures are thoroughly washed – even in the nooks and crannies. Instead of needing a four-person crew on a job, for instance, you only need one person manning the drone.

Plus, because there’s no need to move technicians from one place to another, drone cleaning usually goes much faster, saving time, money and man power.

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