Soft Washing Drones NJ: There are many challenges associated with traditional building cleaning methods. Technicians must use lifts and harnesses or access certain areas from the roof – both of which are incredibly risky to the technicians. And because they have to perch on the side of buildings and use supplies to clean and sometimes hand wash the exterior, there is always a chance that damage will occur.

But with drones, all of those concerns don’t apply. Soft washing drones use a low pressure and special chemicals to safely clean tall buildings without having to touch the surface. They’re programmed and manned by one technician who controls the drone, directing it where to go. This eliminates the need for large teams of techs to be deployed on every job, freeing cleaning company owners to dispatch more technicians on other jobs.

There are many reasons to use drones for exterior cleaning, such as:

  • Safety of employees
  • Safety of passersby on ground
  • No damage to roof slate, tiles or sensitive surfaces such as windows
  • Jobs are completed in a much tighter time frame than traditional washing
  • Drones can remove all substances that technicians can, including dirt, spider webs, mold and mildew, bird droppings, residue, etc.
  • They use low pressure feeders, pure water and biodegradable chemicals
  • No need for bucket truck, scaffolding or suspension gear with a large crew
  • Less impact on business
  • Cost efficiency
  • Shorter timelines
  • Computer-guided drones do all the work without all the bulky equipment

What’s more, drones can be used on delicate or old surfaces that need TLC, such as historic buildings and facades, older structures, churches and buildings with tight areas.

Soft washing by a drone is extra safe because there is no need for anything to touch the surface of the building, preventing the risk of damage.

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