Rust Stain Removal: If you have rust or iron stains on your home or commercial building, you may wonder if those stains will ever be able to come off. The answer is yes, they can – if you enlist the help of a professional pressure washer. Whether on your patio, your commercial building, on the sidewalk or on metal surfaces, you already know that getting rid of rust is not easy.

It’s unsightly, to be sure, but it’s also hazardous and difficult to remove. Rust is a corrosive material that will eat away at your surfaces, which is why you shouldn’t let rust sit for too long.

For homeowners, the prevalence of rust stains on your property will depend heavily on two things: the iron levels in your water and the type of outdoor furniture you have. Some stains are small, while others are large. Minor stains are light in color, and usually don’t cover a very big surface area. Major stains are darker and cover a larger surface area.

Rust: The Causes

There are several reasons why rust starts to develop on your concrete surfaces and other materials.

  • When you have constant contact between metal and concrete, and water is involved, rust will grow.  
  • Certain natural stones with elements of rust can stain your concrete patio or other surface.
  • Fertilizer over-spray and leaking battery acid will result in rust.
  • Rusty patio furniture, hard water from your sprinkler system, and radiator leaks will all contribute to rusting.


So what can you do about it? Ensure proper water drainage and seal your concrete surfaces regularly. Fix any leaks immediately so water doesn’t mix with concrete for a long period time. Schedule regular power washing to remove rust from all surfaces.

Pressure washing, performed by professionals, is really the only way to blast away the rust without damaging surrounding areas. You can also use pressure washing to remove paint, such as graffiti. The high pressure levels and high flow rate are both necessary to remove those stuck-on rust stains.

Power washing is especially effective over large areas, such as industrial walls or building façades where rust has taken over on a grand scale. Pressure washing not only gets off all the rust, it properly preps the surface for new paint. 

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