Why Did My Insurance Company Require I Clean My Roof and Siding?

If you received a letter in the mail from your insurance company threatening to cancel your coverage due to a dirty roof, call us. It’s becoming more common for policyholders to receive letters from their insurers saying they will cancel their coverage or deem them ineligible for renewal if they fail to clean their roof.

What do they want you to do? Basically, they want you to remove the dark streaks from the roof, which can contain tar from asphalt shingles as well as algae, mold, lichen, and moss. These substances can detract from the health of the roof, leading to problems later on that the insurer does not want to be responsible for.

They want the stated issues corrected before they will even provide coverage or renew a customer. Do you need a fast and effective solution to this problem? Trust Clearview Washing, New Jersey’s trusted exterior maintenance company.

Why Were YOU Targeted?

Doesn’t seem fair, does it? But your insurance company representative has a right to choose clients at random and drive by their home for a quick visual inspection. They are looking for things like:

  • What the condition of the roof shingles and siding looks like
  • Stains caused by algae, mold and mildew
  • Black streaking

They do have a valid reason for caring what your roof looks like. A dirty roof can lead to a lower property value and curb appeal, slash the lifespan of the roof and home, and boost the chances of further damage. They don’t wish to be held liable for a situation the homeowner could have prevented with regular maintenance and cleaning.

Don’t Panic

If you get such a letter, the first step is not to panic. No one is asking you to go out and spend between $8,000 and $12,000 for a total roof replacement. In most cases, a good pressure washing will do the trick. It’s much more affordable, between $300 and $900 for a thorough roof cleaning. Keep in mind, your cost will vary by roof material, square footage and roof pitch.

This is not a DIY job. It’s a dangerous job and requires heavy duty power washing equipment that can be difficult to handle on the ground let alone up on a ladder. Inexperienced homeowners who wield a pressure washing wand at their homes can do real damage to the shingles, allowing moisture to get underneath the roofing material, which leads to leaks.

On top of that, failure to use the right equipment and chemicals will cause you to only get the surface layer off without killing the algae. Remember: if not completely sterilized, it will grow back.

How Can You Prevent Getting a Letter in the Mail?

Though nothing can be said for certain, there are a few things that can trigger a drive-by inspection by your insurer:

  • Inquiring about a new policy
  • Approaching your annual policy renewal
  • Changing your coverage amounts
  • Applying for a home equity line of credit

Contact Clearview Washing

You can prevent this unfortunate situation by keeping up with regular maintenance and cleaning of your roof and siding. Book your appointment today with us at 732-462-1187. And if you need any of our other services, such as gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, solar panel cleaning or commercial cleaning, don’t hesitate to reach out.