A Dirty Roof Could Result in an Insurance Cancellation Letter

Did you know the appearance of your roof could cause your insurance company to send you a cancellation letter? Unfortunately, it’s true. Policyholders have been receiving letters from their insurers warning that their coverage could be cancelled or invalid for renewal if they don’t correct the problem.

Specifically, they want the homeowner to clean and remove algae as well as dark streaks on the roof, even if the roof is not damaged or leaking. The homeowners are told they will have to address the issue before the insurance company will cover them.

As a result, homeowners find themselves in need of a fast and effective solution to the problem. If this situation describes you, and your New Jersey home needs safe, fast, proven soft wash cleaning, call Clearview Washing, LLC. Soft washing is one of our specialties. It’s gentler than traditional power washing and won’t damage your siding or surrounding landscape.

Got a Cancellation Letter? Don’t Panic

Many people are surprised when they receive such a letter from the insurance company. Not many people know that insurance companies can cancel a policy over a dirty roof or siding but this is becoming the insurance industry standard. Your insurance company can visually inspect your home at any time by driving by on a random day of their choosing. They inspect the condition of the roof shingles and siding, on the lookout for roof stains caused by algae, mold and mildew.

They do this because they know a dirty roof can drastically reduce its lifespan and cause even more extensive damages. Insurance companies don’t want to be liable for something that could have been prevented.

Your roof stains may have gone largely unnoticed by you until you get that letter in the mailbox. Many people mistake the homeowners’ insurance letter as a request to replace the roof shingles. It’s easy for homeowners to panic and rush to spend $8,000 to $12,000 on a new roof. This is completely unnecessary in most cases.

Consider this: our average roof cleaning costs between $300 – $900, depending on a few factors such as roof material, the square footage and the pitch of the roof.

Just don’t do it yourself. If you decide to blast your roof with a rented power washer, you could do some serious damage to the shingles. Plus, the strength of the machine and chemicals is not enough to kill and sterilize the algae, and it will just grow right back.

How to Prevent Getting a Letter in the Mail

Nothing’s set in stone, but certain circumstances can trigger a drive-by inspection by your insurer, such as:

  • Approaching your annual policy renewal
  • Inquiring about a new policy
  • Changing your coverage amounts
  • Applying for a home equity line of credit

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