Power washing professionals have the latest equipment and know how to safely use it!

If you consider yourself a pretty handy DIY’er, there are lots of things around the house you can tackle on your own to save money. However, power washing isn’t one of them. Not only do professionals have access to the latest powerful equipment, they know how to use it in a way that’s safe and effective. Here are some reasons why you should leave power washing up to the pros.

Power Washing Time Saver

Hiring a professional to come out and power wash your house save you time and hassle. You probably work very hard all week. Do you really want to spend an entire Saturday cleaning up your home’s exterior? You’re missing out on crucial family time, watching your kids’ soccer games, going to recitals or just playing catch in the backyard. Power washing isn’t a quick job you can get done in an hour. It takes all day, maybe more if you have a huge house.

power washing

power washing

Power Washing Curb Appeal

It’s a no-brainer that power washing increases your home’s curb appeal. If you’re looking to put your house on the market, a power washed property will enhance buyers’ perceptions and entice them to buy. Just think: would you want to buy a house with mold and mildew all over the sides and roof, or a brick walkway that looks caked in dirt? Nope. You want a bright home that puts its best face forward as the crown jewel of the neighborhood. You’re actually putting your asking price at risk by not power washing your property. Did you know the selling price can plummet by thousands if the home looks like it’s been neglected? Don’t risk doing this job yourself. Let the professionals do it right. After all, you probably shell out a lot of money on landscaping…what good is a nicely mowed lawn and lush garden if your house looks gross?

Power Washing Effectiveness

Sure, you could rent a dinky machine at the home improvement store, but it probably won’t be powerful enough to adequately get the grime off your property. Remember, it has to be strong enough to reach up to second stories and beyond. Can your rental do that? The pros have access to the big guns, so let them be in charge. They’ll get the job done quicker, too, because they have the right machinery.

Power Washing Safety

Wielding a power washing gun can do some serious damage to people and property if not used properly. Many people assume it’s just a steady stream of water, what’s the harm? Well, in the wrong hands, this “stream of water” can cause gashes on the skin that can become infected if not treated right away, blow off shingles from a home, throw objects due to the strong spray that can strike others nearby, and even cause electric shock, according to the CDC.

For these reasons and more, let the professionals handle your power washing needs, whether for your home or office building. Call Clearview Washing today to get a free estimate. It’s more affordable than you think!

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