Commercial Power Washing: Whether your home’s roof is streaked with black or your commercial building has dirty siding, you can benefit from power washing services. When done by a professional, power washing can remove all that ground-in and deep set dirt that can eat away at your exteriors if you don’t clean it off regularly.Of particular concern is mold. Mold is like a cancer for your exteriors and should be removed as soon as you notice buildup. It may look fuzzy or slimy, and it may have a black, dark green or even bright red appearance. It can cause structural damage if left to grow untreated. Mold is also known to cause health issues in humans, including respiratory issues and allergic reactions. 

Dirt Buildup

One of the top reasons you may spot mold on your vinyl siding is that dirt has built up on the surface. This makes the siding look unclean, to be sure, but it can also result in mold and mildew, as fungus feeds on dust and dirt. If your home or building is located near trees, sap can end up on your siding, which fungus tend to love.

Excess Moisture

Another reason you may see mold on your exteriors is that there is moisture beneath the surface. Perhaps rainwater got trapped behind your siding or a broken drain pipe or gutter is constantly dripping water onto the exterior, causing it to remain wet all the time. Mold loves moisture.

Lack of Sunlight

Mold will grow wherever it is shady, so if parts of your house or building are in constant shade, this is where you will spot it the most. If you have a tree, porch roof or shed that keeps a part of your home or building from getting enough sunlight, you would be wise to remove this source of shade to prevent mold growth.

Prevent Mold with Power Washing

If you have removed sources of constant shade by trimming back vegetation, that’s great but it’s only half the solution. You can’t stop all sources of mold, i.e., you can’t stop the rain. So the other half of the equation is to clean your exteriors regularly so the mold is removed. That’s where power washing, or soft washing, comes in.

This is the optimal way to maintain your exteriors. Dirt, mildew, mold, and algae that have built up over time can leave your commercial building, home, driveway, sidewalks, decks and patios looking unsightly. Not only does regular power washing increase your property’s longevity, it also keeps your family, customers, employees and guests safe. Remember, pressure washing is just as much for protection and maintenance as it is for aesthetics.

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