What Do I Need To Do To Be Ready For My Window Cleaning Service?

We just need a few simple things from you prior to your service:

  • If we are only cleaning your outside windows, please make sure all windows and doors are shut tightly and locked up. We wouldn’t want to get any water inside your house!
  • If we are only cleaning your outside windows, please discuss any exterior screens with our scheduler.  Most outside screens need to be removed from inside, so we’ll have to co-ordianate with you on that.
  • Please make sure your pets are inside during the service.  We don’t offer pet bathing, so you’ll have to call someone else for that 
  • We will need access to a functional exterior water source.
  • If you have any valuable items on your window sills or near your windows, it would be a good idea to move them to a safe place prior to our arrival.
  • Please move outdoor furniture a couple of feet away from any windows and doors you would like cleaned.  That will give out technicians room to work.

What If It Rains On The Day Of My Scheduled Service?

In order to stay on schedule, we do work in light rain situations.  We find that it’s rare for rain to affect clean windows, but it does happen sometimes.  No worries!  We offer the area’s only 2 Day Rain Guarantee.  If rain spots up your windows within two days of service, we will come back and touch up as needed at not cost to you!

Our Terms Of Service

Clearview Washing is not responsible or liable for any of the following conditions or situations:

  • Pre existing damage to siding, windows, frames, sills or screens, including but not limited to:
    • Scratches, scrapes, etc.
    • Torn, bent or loose screens
    • Oxidized frames, sills or screens
    • Cracked or damaged glass

General window cleaning service does not include removal of the following (these items may be removable at an additional charge, please speak with your sales representative for more details):

  • Excessive hard water staining
  • Mineral deposits, including rust stains
  • Excessive glue, caulk or other adhesive residue
  • Paint overspray, splatters, drips or brush marks
  • Mortar, concrete, or other hard debris