Solar Panel Cleaning: Many established commercial businesses are fairly good about power washing their exteriors such as roofing and siding, and washing their windows regularly. However, many of them neglect to clean their solar panels. Perhaps you think they’re too delicate to be washed, or maybe you just don’t think about it at all. 

Whatever the case, it’s important to softwash your solar panels in order to protect your investment. It just makes financial sense. Did you know dirty solar panels cut down on their energy production and efficiency? In fact, when you clean your panels, you boost your power output and solar system efficiency by as much as 20 percent in heavy soil areas such as air traffic paths and farms. 

This doesn’t mean you should wash them yourselves. Just like with your siding, parking lots and roofing, you should hire licensed and insured power washing professionals to clean your solar panel system. If you wish to achieve a high ROI on your solar panels sooner rather than later, regular washing is one way to do that. 

Achieving Optimal Efficiency

When more sunlight hits your solar panels, you get more stored energy that’s free and renewable. Sun can’t completely get through panels that are caked with dirt or grime, which means you’re not harnessing the full power of all those UV rays. You’re actually hurting your bottom line, and working against yourself when it comes to full power achievement. Make it easy for the sun to do its work! 

Don’t assume a good rain will do the trick, either. Rain simply can’t clean your panels, in much the same way as rain can’t really clean your vehicle. Rain contains airborne dust particles that will settle onto your panels and attach themselves to the surface. Once that rainwater evaporates, calcium and hard water deposits will form, making your solar panels even more unsightly. 

Think about what happens when you don’t wash your car’s windshields. You lose visibility because of all that built-up dirt, right? Same thing happens with solar panels! 

According to Popular Mechanics, panel pollution reduces their efficiency by up to 25 percent. One study found that after just a few weeks of dirt buildup, this was enough to block a lot of the sunlight from reaching the solar panels. After a good cleaning, the solar panels saw a 50 percent boost in efficiency.  

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