Commercial Window Washing

A large part of keeping up a successful business is image. The first thing your customers and potential customers see when they pull into your parking lot is your building. Is it neglected and run down? This will reflect poorly on your business, as people will equate a poorly maintained exterior with a poorly maintained business overall. A big part of your curb appeal has to do with the cleanliness of your windows. Are they grimy, streaky and just plain dirty? Guess what? Your customers are noticing!

You need a commercial window washing company that can boost the value of your property as well as its curb appeal. You may not think something as simple as clean windows can improve how people perceive you, but they can. There are several benefits to professional commercial window washing for commercial buildings, so let’s take a look.

  1. Window preservation. When you keep up with the TLC of your windows, you actually extend their life span. Maintaining their excellent condition means you’re not allowing weather, dirt, grime, and the elements to build up and contribute to the deterioration and discoloration of your windows. The longer you take in between cleanings, the harder it is to get the dirt off and the more lasting damage that’s being done to your exterior.
  2. Time savings. As a business owner, do you really have the time, patience or skill to clean your building’s windows? Probably not, especially if a high rise is involved. This can be time consuming, dangerous work, plus it will take you away from the business of making money and satisfying your customers.
  3. As mentioned above, this is dangerous work. A certified, licensed professional will have the proper safety equipment, tools and expertise to get the job done. Attempting to wash your exterior windows on your own will pose a very high safety risk to you, leading to unfortunate falls, injuries and even death. Only a professional should attempt this job.
  4. Property value. When your business looks good, the property value goes up. A well-maintained building with sparkling windows and clean exterior can command a better price by a buyer if you’re planning on selling down the road. In turn, a clean office building makes the rest of the area look good, boosting other property values.
  5. Curb appeal. This is an important factor, because your building (and its windows) is the first thing customers lay eyes on when they visit you. It’s important to put them at ease and make them confident in your abilities as a business, and physical appearance is a major part of that. Commercial window washing by a professional will add to the attractiveness of your commercial property, whether you have a small business office or a large high rise. As the front line of your business, it’s important to boost the curb appeal of your company and ensure customers feel good about you from the very first glance.

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