Power Washing Applications for Property ManagersAs the property manager of a condominium complex, homeowners association (HOA), apartment building, office building, shopping center or strip mall, you know it’s your job to keep the building or buildings looking good. This involves anything from lawn care and maintenance to window cleaning and power washing.

You likely put a lot of money into the properties you have purchased. It certainly takes time for you to make your money back, but over time, you should make the initial investment back and then some. However, you need to work at that investment in order to get the max ROI out of it or you will see a decrease in value over time. Not only does a dirty exterior (think streaky siding or stained roofs) look bad, it sends a message to your tenants and customers that you don’t care about upkeep. This neglect can lead to lower property values in the neighborhood and bring down sales for your retailers.

Here are a few power washing applications that may make sense for you as a property owner:

Power Washing Applications for Property Managers – Homeowners Associations

Clearview Washing is proud to work closely with homeowners associations by keeping their close-knit communities clean. A big part of having pride in your own home is knowing your property value affects others’. In the case of HOAs, which set rules and regulations for the exterior maintenance of all the homes in a particular neighborhood, you as a property owner can require regular pressure washing of homes, retaining walls and walkways so all homes look neat and kept up.

Power Washing Applications for Property Managers – Apartment Complexes

It’s no secret that the rates for rent are extremely competitive in today’s real estate market. It’s also no secret that apartments have a particular rate of turnover as tenants leave for other apartments or homes and new units become available. To decrease the amount of empty units at any given time, enlist the help of a pressure washing professional to keep your units looking attractive to new renters.

Power Washing Applications for Property Managers – Strip Malls and Shopping Centers
Customers feel good about spending money in places that look reputable and professional. They may think twice about frequenting a dirty, rundown building with streaky roofs and grimy windows. Put your best face forward with regular pressure washing, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning and window cleaning.

Power Washing Applications for Property Managers – Commercial Properties

High rises, office buildings, office parks…these all need maintenance too because of the professional appearance they command. Businesses within those buildings are attracting some very high-paying clients and as such, a professional appearance is critical.

Rely on Clearview Washing to offer a variety of affordably priced services for your commercial property. We work frequently with property owners and managers, so call us today for a free quote and to schedule an appointment.