Health and Safety Cleaning – CDC Approved!

We clean and sanitize!

In these times of uncertainty, home and business owners need peace of mind knowing their spaces are safe and clean. Coronavirus has shuttered many businesses and kept all New Jersey families in their homes. Some businesses have remained opened for takeout, groceries, or essential healthcare services.

Whatever situation you are in, ensuring your public spaces and homes are as clean as possible is of utmost importance. Here at Clearview Washing, we offer full health and safety cleaning, exterior cleaning and sanitizing of common areas using CDC-approved detergents and sanitizing agents, high-temp cleaning, high pressure cleaning and more.


Our main goal is your safety. Even if your business is closed down right now, you still need to ensure you’re re-opening a totally clean, disinfected space. Now has never been a better time to do a deep clean!

Health & Safety Cleaning: What We Can Sanitize

High-traffic areas and ones known to accumulate germs quickly every day are excellent candidates for sanitizing. From daycares to dumpster pads, our team can arrive on site to provide full exterior cleaning and sanitizing of interior common areas for:

  • Daycare Centers and School Buildings
  • Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities
  • Playgrounds and Community Gathering Spots
  • Shopping Carts and Shopping Centers
  • Churches, Cathedrals, Mosques and Synagogues
  • Community Pool decks along with patio and pool furniture
  • Dumpster Pads
  • So Much More!

Don’t see your business on this list? Give us a call at 732-462-1187. Chances are, we can handle it.

How the Sanitizing Process Works

Clearview Washing takes the sanitizing process very seriously. Your health and safety are our first priority. As such, here’s a look at the step by step process we take and the products we use.

  • Surfaces are cleaned first using CDC-approved detergents
  • High-temperature cleaning
  • High-pressure cleaning
  • CDC-approved sanitizing agent application
  • CDC standards are followed to ensure complete sanitation
  • CDC dwell times are followed for each sanitizing agent used
  • Use of property can begin after all surfaces are dry

Now’s the time: Call us for full health and safety cleaning, exterior cleaning and sanitizing of common areas. Our technicians wear masks and gloves while on your property for your peace of mind and to minimize risk.

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