Hotel Power Washing

Owning a hotel means you have to look out for the safety of your guests. Making sure the property is safe is one of your responsibilities. Another responsibility from a business owner perspective is keeping the property clean. Appearance and first impressions are absolutely essential in the hospitality industry. If your roof is streaked with black, your siding has mold growing on the side or your windows are grimy, people will think twice about staying at your hotel. Turn to Clearview Washing, where we are skilled at power washing hotels.

In addition, we specialize in hotel window cleaning and hotel exterior cleaning – two other essential services you need as the owner of a hospitality facility. Keep in mind, hotel exterior cleaning not only increases the curb appeal of your property but increases the safety of it as well. This is imperative when running a successful and safe facility.

Don’t risk turning away potential guests who may assume your lack of upkeep of the exterior equates with sub-par service on the inside!

Hotel Window Cleaning

Power washing is one of our main services, to be sure, but we are also experts at hotel window cleaning. Remember, the first place neglect will show up is on your windows. You don’t want guests looking out of streaky, grimy windows. This looks very unprofessional. In our process, we use a water fed pole featuring pure water technology proven to clean better and safer.

When you call us, you get reputable hotel cleaning by professional, courteous technicians who will show up on time, in uniform. All technicians are fully licensed and insured as part of a company with 15 years of experience. You get free estimates, affordable rates and fast turnaround times when it comes to power washing hotel facilities.

Why Hotel Power Washing?

Power washing can be a valuable service for maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of hotels. Hotels can accumulate dirt, grime, and other contaminants over time, particularly on their exterior surfaces such as walls, windows, and sidewalks.

Power washing can effectively remove these contaminants, improving the appearance of hotels and creating a more professional and welcoming environment for guests. By using high-pressure water and specialized cleaning solutions, power washing can remove dirt, mold, mildew, and other buildup that may be difficult to remove with traditional cleaning methods.

Another benefit of power washing for hotels is that it can help maintain the integrity and safety of the building’s structure. Over time, dirt and grime can build up on exterior surfaces, which can trap moisture and cause damage to the building’s structure. Power washing can help remove these contaminants and prevent potential damage, extending the lifespan of the building and saving money on repairs in the long run.

Power washing can also help prevent slip and fall accidents that can occur on sidewalks and other exterior surfaces around hotels. Dirt, mold, and other contaminants can make these surfaces slippery and dangerous, particularly in wet weather conditions. Power washing can remove these contaminants, making the exterior surfaces safer for guests and employees.

Overall, power washing can be an effective and efficient solution for maintaining the cleanliness, safety, and appearance of hotels. By removing contaminants and preventing potential damage, power washing can extend the lifespan of the building and save money on repairs. Additionally, by creating a professional and welcoming environment, power washing can improve the experience of guests and employees at the hotel.

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