To get the job done right we will utilize the necessary equipment. We have several ladders up to 40 feet or if required, our employees are trained and skilled at operating boom and scissor lifts.

If we can’t get to your windows from the ground, we will get to them from the roof. To access the windows of your building, we may be able to use transportable suspended equipment, known as boatswain chair or CDA (controlled descent apparatus) system. This system consists of a seat board with rope descent device. There are two ropes: one from which you are suspended and another that serves as a safety line. A worker wears full body harness with shock absorbing lanyard and rope grab. Bright yellow safety cones and caution tape give pedestrians a clear warning that work is being done above.

We can do High Rise Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Waterproofing, Painting etc.!


Prospect Tower Apartments – Hackensack, New Jersey