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They CANNOT be removed by any type of pressure washing. 

They can be the most stubborn surface we clean. This is due to many, many factors. The black stripes that you see are referred to as “tiger stripes”. They are caused on the outer surface by electrostatic bonding. When natural moisture overflows rain or dew, it causes particles from the petroleum component in your shingles to stain the front part of the gutter. Tiger stripes are also susceptible to airborne emissions and dirt. Algae, mold, and mildew are also often times present.

Most importantly, neglecting your gutters surface can result in oxidation; oxidation is breakdown of your gutters protective finish.

The only way to thoroughly clean your gutters is with a combination of the right cleaning products and techniques. We obtain the best results with old-fashioned scrubbing. We wish there was an easier way, but we actually hand scrub every inch of your gutters and downspouts with both a brush and commercially specific cleaning products.

These lines cannot be “pressure cleaned”.  This type of job is approached like “jewelry cleaning”.  The solutions used in the cleaning process are similar.