Clearview Washing, LLC specialize’s in ALL exterior cleaning and offer’s parking garage cleaning.

We work with parking garages of all sizes. Our specialized cleaning regimen includes, but is not limited to:
Remove standing debris (leaves, cigarette butts, trash, etc.) by using a gas powered machine
Pressure washing  away dirt, oil, grease, and grime
*We can also clean conduits, pipes, light fixtures, columns and staircases.

Parking Garages should be cleaned at least once a year, and in high traffic garages twice a year, due to the salts and other contaminants that get into the garage surfaces in the Northeast. They eventually get absorbed into the concrete parking surfaces and eventually will cause major damage if not cleaned.

We use all commercial grade power washing machines ranging up to 4000 PSI, surface cleaners (cover large areas at once) and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions needed for all parking garage cleaning.

Our knowledgeable staff is experienced on how to lighten or completely remove stains when possible. Each Parking Garage cleaning is approached based upon the existing conditions, and we will use the correct products and methods specific to your facility’s cleaning and maintenance requirements.