Fred Hodge Jr.  –  President & Founder

Fred Jr. graduated from Freehold High School and holds a BA from Rowan University with focus on Entrepreneurship.  Knowing early on he would be a business owner, he began his journey in entrepreneurship while sill attending Rowan.

Clearview Window Washing, LLC launched on March 29, 2004.  Fred was a 19 year old with a 1995 Ford Taurus, a ladder rack and a small bucket of squeegees.  Early on, he reinvested his earnings on equipment and education and year after year, he was able to grow his business into the Clearview Washing, LLC of today.  Housed in Freehold, NJ and employing 20 people, he feels truly blessed that his goals and dreams have come to life with the support of his amazing team.

Fred attends several conferences every year in order to stay up-to-date on the safest and most efficient cleaning technology which allows Clearview to provide amazing results all while keeping its employees safe.

Fred currently resides in Little Silver, NJ with his wife, Christine, and his two children, Gabriella and Billy.  He enjoys all sports, amazing food and traveling the world!

Fred Hodge Sr.  –  Vice President of Sales & Founder

Fred Sr. graduated from CUNY in 1979 with a B.A. in Economics. His career began in Commercial Banking and continued for 24 years, holding various positions in Commercial Loan Departments.  Fred worked his way up to Vice President, however he truly had an entrepreneurial spirit and decided to join forces with his son, Fred Jr. Together they created Clearview Window Washing, LLC.

Over the years Fred has managed to significantly grow the business through his sales skills and techniques.  He hired three additional sales representatives and built a Residential division as well as a Commercial division at Clearview Washing.  He has developed invaluable relationships with property and facility managers all throughout the state of New Jersey and he continues to develop the sales division.

Fred has found it amazing and so rewarding to see a tiny startup company grow to 20+ employees in 16 years. He enjoys working with his family and looks forward seeing what the next 16 years bring!

Christine Hodge – Chief Executive Officer

Christine holds a background as a Corporate Paralegal specializing in Hatch-Waxman Litigation and Legal Operations.  She joined Clearview Washing in 2017 in an effort to bring her operations skills to the company.  Her core skills are process optimization and communication efficiencies.  In her short time at Clearview Washing, she was able to streamline all processes from the initial customer contact through invoicing, and take the company to an electronic platform.  She loves to be able to work with a team with such diverse professional backgrounds, yet create collaboration which successfully brings everyone together through a common ground.

Christine enjoys spending time with her husband, Fred Jr, and her little ones, Gabriella and Billy. She loves the beach, spending time outdoors, gardening and traveling.  She also truly enjoys reading business books!

She is thankful and honored that her team has trusted her capabilities and provided the opportunity to be CEO and looks forward to pushing forward and continuing on the journey to success!

Steve Hodge – Field Operations Manager

Steve has been with Clearview Washing for 10 years. As an operations professional, he enjoys ensuring that things run smoothly amongst his direct reports.  He has extensive experience in operations which has allowed him to significantly contribute to the overall process and workflow at Clearview Washing.

When the company first began in 2004, Steve’s father and brother, the Founders, convinced Steve to join them on some of their first jobs.  No one had any idea what they were doing, but collectively they worked together and figured it out.  Steve is amazed at where it all started and enjoys contributing to the growth and expansion year after year. 

Steve enjoys playing sports, working out and enjoying new restaurants.  He is a thrill seeker and loves the excitement of a roller coaster and a cliff jump!

Maria Hodge –  Office Manager

Maria has worked with Clearview Washing for the last 16 years. She has been an asset in running the back end office and continuing to develop her team on new processes and procedures.

She truly enjoys what she does and loves speaking with the customers.  She also truly enjoys customer scheduling and knowing that she is able to please them through her customer interactions and scheduling services!

Maria enjoys spending time with her husband and their friends.  She loves to try new restaurants, visit wineries, and have sunset beach dinners.  She has 2 beautiful grandchildren who call her Mimi, and they bring her family lots of happiness. Maria always puts her family first! She enjoys tapping into her creative side through crochet, cooking, gardening and reading. 

Maria has enjoyed her time at Clearview and looks forward to the future!   


Dolores Campbell – Administrative Assistant 

Dolores has an extensive background as an Executive Assistant for a large franchisee.  She joined the Clearview Washing team in 2020 and has been tremendous in customer service!  She assists the team in scheduling estimates, scheduling jobs and answering customer questions. 

Dolores enjoys spending time with family and friends.  She loves to read, go hiking, take long walks, and spend time with her baby granddaughter.  She is a new grandma and in embracing every precious moment!

One of her favorite things about working with Clearview Washing is when customers thank her for her help.  She truly feels such satisfaction when she is able to help someone even through a simple phone call and short chat. 

Dolores is happy to have joined an amazing team and looks forward to growing with the company!

Renzo Chumpitaz – Residential Development Manager

Renzo joined Clearview Washing in 2020 and has been an excellent addition to the Residential Sales Division.  He truly enjoys meeting new people and being out on the road actually meeting our clients.

One of his favorite things about working with Clearview Washing is that he feels as though he has a voice.  He is able to provide input and feedback and his entire team works together to ensure that everything will run smoothly.  He also loves the communication at Clearview Washing.  He really feels as though he is a part of a strong team!

Renzo enjoys the beach, playing volleyball and spending time with friends.  He is also the Captain on a soccer team and plays each weekend!


Jose Romero – Business Development Manager

Jose graduated from Rutgers University in 2017 with a BA in Economics. Ever since his sophomore year of college he has been passionate about working in sales. He spent his early years working with Vector Marketing and Cutco cutlery and quickly worked his way up to branch manager. He was also given the opportunity to develop and manage his own sales team. Since joining Clearview he has really connected to the drive and energy from everyone who works within the company which further motivates him. He hopes to be a key component in the growth and expansion of Clearview Washing, LLC. Growing the commercial division, by continuing to build and cultivate relationships with property managers, facility managers and property owners throughout New Jersey.

Jose recently got married along with graduated from the Army National Guard, both in October of 2020. His hobbies outside of work include playing soccer, watching movies, and spending time with my his wife.