Lake Shenandoah County Park

Lake Shenandoah County Park features a 48-acre trout-filled lake, a walking path, sports fields, and campgrounds. It is the perfect place to relax in nature and escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Lakewood also boasts a number of adult communities such as Leisure Village East, where residents enjoy a quiet lifestyle surrounded by lush parks and serene lakes. Read this first!


This pristine lake provides across-the-board opportunities for fishermen. Its waters are stocked with trout twice each spring, and it’s also home to chain pickerel, channel catfish, bream/bluegill, and pumpkinseed sunfish. Largemouth bass, too, thrives in its chilly waters.

The park offers a fishing pier, boat ramp, and bait hut, and there are several handicapped accessible areas for fishermen with wheelchairs. Moreover, the facility hosts a number of fishing contests for both adults and children.

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Lake Shenandoah County Park is a beautiful recreational area with a picturesque view of the surrounding hills. The park is also home to many species of wildlife. There are several hiking trails and picnic areas in the park, which make it a perfect place to relax and enjoy nature.

Lake Shenandoah is the park’s stunning centerpiece, a 48-acre stocked lake surrounded by soaring oaks and pines. Other attractions include a dog-friendly walking path and bike trail, a playground, and tennis courts.

The park’s hiking trails are open all year, and the lake is a favorite destination for picnicking and fishing. A paved bicycle and pedestrian walkway runs around the lake, and there is plenty of parking available. The park is also a popular location for weddings and other special events. More places to also visit by clicking here.


The Lake Shenandoah County Park is an ideal place for picnicking, hiking, and playing sports. It features a baseball field, a soccer field, and a softball field.

The lake is stocked for fishing, and the park also features a birding trail, a wetlands boardwalk, and a butterfly garden. Other points of interest include a nature center, a gazebo, and the Cooper Environmental Center. The Cooper Environmental Center offers hands-on displays, a habitat tree and tunnel, and 11 osprey observation platforms.

In the spring, summer, and fall, visitors can stroll along paved trails, work up a sweat on a 12-station fitness course, or cross-country ski through the woods. The park’s wildlife exhibits, a 12-acre lake, and prize-winning horticultural displays make it a unique destination in Pittsgrove. The adjacent zoo in Cape May County Park draws visitors to see everything from giraffes to zebras and lions.


Lake Shenandoah is the focal point of this beautiful park. Its waters are trout-stocked, and it offers plenty of opportunities for fishing both from land and water. In addition, the lake is surrounded by walking paths and a variety of other activities.

In fact, the lake recently became the site of a police investigation when a man’s body was pulled from the water. His passport was found among his belongings on the shore.

The Lake Shenandoah County Sports Field Complex is a great place to enjoy sports, including field hockey and lacrosse. It also features a playground, a picnic area, and tennis courts. It is the perfect spot for children and adults alike. The park was once the vacation estate of financier John D. Rockefeller, and it is filled with white pine and hemlock.


In addition to its miles of hiking trails and acres of sports facilities, Lake Shenandoah County Park is a camping mecca. The 100-acre lake is surrounded by towering pines and oaks and is stocked with trout. The park also features accessible fishing piers, a small boat launch (electric motors only), and a bait-and-tackle shop.

Lake Shenandoah’s proximity to New York City and Philadelphia is another draw. Commuters can reach the two cities in about an hour and a half by car.

Besides recreational activities, the town is also home to several colleges and universities. The area’s Hasidic Jewish population has also boosted the economy and created employment opportunities in the retail, service, education, and healthcare sectors. Lakewood offers a low cost of living and traditional neighborhoods perfect for raising a family. Continue reading about Ocean County Park.



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