Exterior Window Cleaning Made Easy

Cleaning outside windows is a chore that’s made more difficult when it’s hot. It’s best to wait until the weather is cooler when rinsing can take place more quickly.

To clean outside windows, you need a garden hose with a sprayer attachment, cleaning detergent, and a squeegee. A squeegee with a rubber edge helps prevent the occurrence of streaks. Learn more by clicking here.

Window Cleaner

Professional cleaners use heavy-duty cleaning products and specialized equipment that get the job done faster and better than over-the-counter home remedies. Using these high-quality cleaning materials ensures that your windows are left clean and streak-free every time.

If you’re a homeowner who wants to try your hand at cleaning your windows yourself, be sure to choose a commercial-grade window squeegee instead of the rubber tool designed for your shower. This type of squeegee is available online or at your local home improvement or janitorial supply store.

Start at the top corner of one side of the window and slowly squeeze down towards the bottom. Repeat on the other side of the window. Once the windows are dry, remove any remaining dust or dirt with a clean microfiber cloth.

If you’re a business owner, regular cleaning of your exterior glass helps to create a welcoming impression on customers and clients. It also allows your employees to spot small issues, like a cracked window, that may require attention before they become bigger problems.


A squeegee is the main tool used by professional window cleaners to get windows dry and clean. It has a rubber blade on the handle. Some have telescopic handles and extendable clips. This allows the squeegee to be used with longer poles and helps reach difficult-to-reach areas of tall buildings.

Many people think that squeegees can be used without chemicals, but the truth is that most professionals use glycerin to help their work glide on more easily. This solution can be purchased at local hardware stores.

A squeegee is also an important tool for cleaning windscreens and acrylic or glass surfaces, such as shower or tub enclosures. It can even be used to spread paint or ink across a screen in silk-screen printing. The word squeegee is believed to be derived from skwe’je, an archaic word meaning ‘to sweep’ or ‘to scrape’. It is also the name of a device used on boats to guide water away from decks and into the ocean.


Cleaning windows takes a lot of time and effort, especially for large commercial buildings or multiple-story homes. Professional cleaners make this task easier and faster by using specialized tools to reach hard-to-reach windows. They also know what cleaners are best for tinted or stained glass and can remove dirt that over-the-counter cleaners can’t.

Keeping your windows clean also keeps them energy efficient. Dirt and dust obstruct solar heat, forcing you to crank up the thermostat. Regular cleaning can prevent the buildup of this debris, which allows sunlight to warm your home.

Pure water cleaning systems with telescopic poles enable workers to stay safely on the ground and eliminate the need for ladders, minimizing workman’s comp claims and reducing maintenance costs. This environmentally friendly method also eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, saving money and time. Pure water acts as a natural lubricant and breaks the bond between the dirt and glass, leaving surfaces spotless. It also helps extend the life of your windows by eliminating corrosive elements and contaminants.

Microfiber Cloth

A microfiber cloth will help you avoid the streaks that can occur when using regular washcloths or paper towels. This cloth is also very absorbent, soaking up seven times its own weight in liquids and soil.

When wet, it can remove 99 percent of germs, dirt, fingerprints, and smudges from glass and mirror surfaces. It can even be used to polish chrome fixtures and mirrors for a shiny finish. Many technology companies and cell phone stores keep a supply of these microfiber cloths on hand to sanitize and wipe down the screens of their devices.

A microfiber cloth can be used wet or dry. Use it with a small amount of cleaner to clean windows and mirrors. It will remove smudges from flat-screen TVs, computers, and tablet screens without damaging the surface. You can also polish silverware, jewelry, and other household items with a dry microfiber cloth. When you are finished cleaning, a microfiber cloth can be machine-washed and dried on low heat. Definitely worth checking out!