Belmar Beach

The town of Belmar is a popular summer destination for vacationers and day-trippers. It has wide, beautiful beaches and a boardwalk full of restaurants and shops.

This beach is clean, well-maintained, and a great place for families with kids to spend time. The boardwalk is also very safe and well-lit. Learn more by clicking here.

Beach Rules

Belmar Beach is one of New Jersey’s best beaches. It’s large, quiet, has free parking, and has a beautiful boardwalk with plenty of public facilities like restrooms, lockers, a pavilion, a first-aid station, and trash containers.

However, it also comes with a few rules. These rules are designed to help protect both visitors and the sand.

For example, no one is allowed to bring a tent or other device that’s designed to shade beachgoers from the sun or create a hazard. In addition, no boat or other watercraft are permitted on the beach without prior permission from Belmar’s beachfront director and lifeguards.


Belmar Beach has a variety of parking options. There are free parking spaces right by the beach and paid hourly parking on certain streets around the area.

The best option for visitors to Belmar Beach is to reserve a hotel with valet parking. These hotels are located right on the beach or boardwalk and provide a convenient way to leave your car for the day.

There are also free public parking lots at the beach and boardwalk if you don’t mind walking a few blocks. The boardwalk itself is not crowded and there are plenty of restaurants to choose from within a short distance.

This is a nice no-frills beach, but it does cost $10 per person to access the beach (children under 12 years are free). You can purchase wristbands at the beach for this or pay with cash through a parking QR code at selected spots. Discover more exciting places here.


The Belmar Beach lifeguards are a group of dedicated men and women who put their lives at risk every summer to help keep Belmar visitors safe. They are the first line of defense against drowning, injuries, and even death on beaches.

The team also works closely with police and EMS to save people who fall in the water. They use helicopters, jet skis, and boats to search for missing swimmers.

The lifeguards at Belmar Beach are among the best in New Jersey. Their work is highlighted in a book by Gregory Andrus called “Sand, Sea, and Rescue.” It’s a free talk on July 5 at the Belmar Public Library with some of the lifeguards featured in the book.


New Jersey is home to some pretty dog-friendly beaches. Stretching the coast between Perth Amboy and Cape May, these beaches offer a whole lot of fun for people and their pups.

Belmar Beach, for example, has a long boardwalk, a ton of 80s music blasting from stereos, and soft, golden sand perfect for frolicking with your four-legged friend. Plus, Belmar has ADA-accessible beaches equipped with blue mobility mats so those in wheelchairs or walking aids can get down and dirty in the sand too.

However, you’ll have to remember that dogs aren’t allowed on the beach from September 15th to May 15th. During this time, you’ll need to bring your dog to 8th Avenue Dog Beach and walk them along the boardwalk (if you don’t want them to run free on the beach, then it’s best to keep them leashed). Discover more interesting articles.



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